Company profile

History of Bio Breeders Inc.Bio Breeders Inc. was founded by Dr. Case VanDongen in April 1985.  While its corporate structure, goals and physical setting were new, certain vital components did already exist previously at Bio Research Institute, where the specialized hamster breeding colony had been developed with Dr. Case VanDongen as Director of Breeding operations since 1967.

The specialized Bio Hamster colony was started in 1957 by Dr. Freddy Homburger, president and founder of Bio Research Institute.  It was modeled after a specialized colony of mice developed by the Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbor, Maine.

BioResearch Institute ceased its operations in 1984 and that is when Dr. VanDongen decided to continue offering these invaluable hamster models to the biomedical community by creating Bio Breeders Inc. in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.


About the founder Dr. Case VanDongen

Dr. VanDongen has extensive professional experience, very relevant to the operation of Bio Breeders Inc.

• Practical Experience

Dr. VanDongen has a lifetime of practical experience with animals, having grown up with domestic animals on a farm in Holland, where he got to work with the production of cows, horses, sheep, and swine.

• Academic Training (Holland)

Dr. VanDongen broadened his academic training at the undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS) levels in Holland at the Agricultural University of Wageningen in animal husbandry and animal nutrition.

• Academic Training (USA)

Dr. VanDongen continued his education as a graduate student in the Department of Dairy Science, the University of Illinois in Urbana where he specialized in reproductive physiology of production animals.  In 1962, he obtained an MS in reproductive physiology and in 1964 a Ph.D. in the Endocrinology of Reproduction in domestic animals.

• Specialization

Dr. VanDongen did his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, Department of Pharmacology in Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied the basic mechanisms of contraction underlying the reproductive phenomena such as labor, milk-ejection, and sperm transport in laboratory animal models.

• Academic Experience

Dr. VanDongen served on the Faculty of New York Medical College in the Department of Pharmacology and continued his research in male reproduction dealing with sperm preservation.