DNA Ladder Step 100 Long 50Ug

Invitrogen 100 bp DNA Ladder is designed to approximately size and quantify double-stranded DNA in the range of 100 bp to 2000 bp. The 100 bp DNA ladder consists of 13 individual chromatographically purified DNA fragments and has reference bands at 2000, 1500 and 600 bp to facilitate orientation. The 100 bp DNA ladder is ideal for separation on 1-2% agarose gels.

Highlights of the 100 bp DNA ladder:

• Crisp, clear bands – Chromatographically purified fragments for consistent, reliable results
• Convenient – Provided with Bluejuice 10X Gel Loading Buffer to track sample DNA migration
• Accurate: an exact amount of DNA in each band


Concentration: 0.5 μg / μL

Gel type: Agarose


100 μL DNA Ladder, 1 mL 10X Sample Loading Buffer, 100 Applications

Gel compatibility: Agarose gel

No. of reactions: 100 applications

Shipping condition

Approved for shipping at room temperature or on dry ice


  • Individual
  • Chromatography-Purified
  • DNA Fragments

Ecological characteristics: Sustainable packaging

Product type Specifications: DNA ladder

Ready to load: No

Size range: 100 bp-2000 bp

Volume (metric): 100 µL

Sample loading volume: 1 ml

Content and storage

• 100 µL DNA ladder of 100 bp
• 1 ml Bluejuice 10X Gel Loading Buffer

Store at: -20 ° C.

Product use

The double-stranded DNA ladder can be visualized on 1-2% agarose gels after staining with ethidium bromide or SYBR Safe. The ladder is designed with a uniform intensity of DNA bands for a clear view of each band. An exact amount of DNA in each band allows the approximate quantification of DNA samples. This ladder can be radioactively labelled with T4 polynucleotide kinase or T4 DNA polymerase. For research use only. It should not be used in diagnostic procedures.

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